innoResearch, Development and Innovation are fundamental pillars of PERCAM that have contributed decisively to its growth and consolidation in international markets. The I + D + I trajectory goes back to its beginnings.

The objective of I + D + I in PERCAM is the development and incorporation of new technologies and processes that allow us to offer our clients the best solution to their problems.

The main function of the I + D + I Department is to look for new raw materials of the highest quality to satisfy a market that is increasingly changing and demanding.

Thanks to the continuous research we are able to develop, in response to the particular needs that our clients demand from us day to day, particular and adapted solutions.

This department has acquired a great specific weight within the company, because it is the main engine for the ideation and development of new materials together with the Marketing Department.

Functions of the Department.

The activity of the I + D + I department ranges from the research of new raw materials to the improvement of quality and the improvement of existing ones.

Basically his work focuses on 3 specific areas:

1. Research of new materials.

2. Development of new projects.

3. Optimization of costs and functionality of the products while maintaining their proven quality level.

Human team

The I + D + I team works closely with a series of technology centers and universities. The objective is to share know-how and experience; and the result, obtain more innovative and higher quality products.