The “Jareta” is a netting that is especially designed to close the sardine ring net. The ring is placed in the bottom of the net, which allows it to close like a bag thus retaining all the fish caught.PERCAM, S.A.Its main characteristic is the manufacture with a harder twist than the normal rope (more closed step) and are divided into:

– “Jareta” without lead (unleaded)

– “Jareta” with lead weights speed up the rope sinking. Its manufacture, in terms of characteristics, weight per metre and more open or closed, is carried out according to the necessities of each client.

These in turn can carry textile core or core of oiled galvanized steel cable.

The raw materials that are used nowadays to manufacture the “Jaretas” provide great resistance to wear and tear and line breakages which in the end leads to a greater workload and durability.


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