Polysteel Rope

Polistiel PERCAM

PERCAM Polysteel

They are ideal for any need that is required. Thanks to the properties of high resistance to abrasion and low elasticity, they are especially used in the fishing industry.

It has a higher tenacity than polyethylene rope, so for similar applications requires less caliber.

Polysteel ropes have a positive buoyancy and weigh less than polyethylene ropes. These ropes for other applications, can be plumbed to facilitate sinking.

Poliestil con plomo PERCAM, S.A.

Standard format coils of 100 and 200 meters.


* Reference 4 strands. For 3 strands ropes plus 10% resistance.

* All the technical characteristics indicated for these products are strictly informative and non-binding.

* In compliance with IML 10.13