Sisal rope

Rope made with natural and ecological vegetable fibers, with great resistance to traction and a good capacity of grip and retention of knots.

The sisal rope has a high resistance to UV rays and salt water and once used must be stored in a dry environment, as it is susceptible to be degraded by fungi and chemicals.

It is used in agriculture, livestock, parcels and DIY as well as for children’s games, sports and handicrafts.Cuerda sisal PERCAM, S.A.Manufacturing: From 1 to 4 strands.
Standard format in coils of 100 and 200 metersPERCAM, S.A.* Reference 4 strands. For 3 strands rope plus 10% resistance.

* All the technical characteristics indicated for these products are strictly informative and not binding

Technical characteristics:

• Tenacity of dry fibers (in grams / denier): 4 – 50
• Wet Rope Resistance versus Dry Rope Resistance: 120%
• Capacity to absorb the shock load: Poor
• Specific gravity of fiber or filament: 1.38
• Buoyancy: No
• Percentage at Break: 10-12%
• Drag (extension under sustained load): Very Low
Effects of Moisture:
• Absorption of water from individual fibers: Up to 100%
• Resistance to putrefaction, mold and deterioration by microorganisms: Very Poor
• Resistance to UV rays from the Sun: Good
• Resistance to aging of properly stored ropes: Good
Abrasion resistance:
• Superficial: Enough
• Internal: Good
Effect of Temperature on dry string:
• Maximum limit: 149 ° C
• Minimum limit: -73 ° C
• Melts to: N / A