Polyethylene Rope

Excellent for the fishing industry (nets, fishing rope….), when it’s high resistance and flexibility are necessary. Highly resistant to abrasion and to heavy impacts. The rope is also strongly resistant to traction in both wet and dry conditions.

This rope has a smooth and slippery finish so is easy to use and manage.

Standard format coils of 100 and 200 meters.


* Reference 4 strands. For 3 strands ropes plus 10% resistance.

* All the technical characteristics indicated for these products are strictly informative and non-binding.

* In compliance with the standard EN 70-1995 / IML 10.13

Technical characteristics:
Tenacity of dry fibers (in grams / denier): 6.0
Wet Rope Resistance versus Dry Rope Resistance: 1,5
Impact shock absorption capacity: Enough
Specific gravity of fiber or filament: 0.95
Buoyancy: Yes
Break Percentage: 20-24%
Drag (extension under sustained load): High
Effects of humidity:
Absorption of water from individual fibers: No
Resistance to putrefaction, mold and deterioration by microorganisms: Excellent
Resistance to UV rays from the Sun: Enough
Resistance to aging of properly stored ropes: Black is better Excellent
Abrasion resistance:
Superficial: Enough
Internal: Good
Effect of Temperature on the dry rope: Good
Maximum limit: 66°C
Minimum limit: -73°C
It melts to: 141°C