Synthetic and Sisal Baler Twine


Hilo Empacar PERCAMThe characteristics of this thread give it an excellent performance.

– High resistance to UV rays.

– Uniform twist without knots.

– Additional length that allows greater productivity.

Depending on the thickness of the baler twine we manufacture:

  • Shyntetic Baler Twine, Pack special dehydrating presses and recovered from Ref.60 to 80 mtr / kg.
  • Shyntetic Baler Twine, sector meat sector. Ref.100 mtr / kg.
  • Shyntetic Baler Twine “HD”, Ref. 110 mtr / kg.
  • Shyntetic Baler Twine, Macro-packer Ref. 130 and 150 mtr / kg.
  • Shyntetic Baler Twine, Ref. 200 to 450 mtr / kg.
  • Shyntetic Baler Twine, Round Bales Ref. 500 to 800 mtr / kg.
  • Shyntetic Baler Twine, Thin Ref. Up to 1000 mtr / kg.


For any other measure and color consult the commercial office.

* All the technical characteristics indicated for these products are strictly informative and not binding



Manufactured from extra long and strong Sisal fibers that allow to obtain uniform threads without knots. It has various applications, mainly for packaging. The packaging of both square and round bales is extremely simple with this thread.
It is a biodegradable product, respectful of the environment and does not damage flora or fauna. The agricultural thread of Sisal is subjected to treatment against rodents and insects. In our manufacturing process, high production quality standards are followed.

Hilo Sisal PERCAMPacking yarn manufactured in vegetable fiber of sisal in reference 150 mtr / kg.